1.) "I Could Care Less." - Unless that's a Freudian slip, you couldn't care less.

2.) "We Need to Flush Out This Idea." - You need to flesh out the idea. Unless of course, your idea is shit.

3.) "For All Intensive Purposes." - Intents. And. Purposes. Unless your purposes are TO BE SUPER FUCKING INTENSE!!1!1!

4.) "We need to nip this in the butt." - Yeah, butt. Because we all know it's a...

5.) "Doggy-dog world out there." Idiots.

6.) "Possum." It's an Opossum.

7.) "Expecially" is not a word. Adding X's to words usually makes them cooler, but not here. Axe anybody.


8.) "We would be conversating irregardless of whether the meeting had started or not." - My boss said this today.